Pet Friendly

Below is a list of dog friendly neighborhood parklets in the Town of Oyster Bay.  All dogs must be kept on a leash while visiting the parklet.  Owners are required to clean up after their dogs before leaving the facility.

  • H-16, Hunter Lane & Northern Parkway, Hicksville
  • H-18, Tudor Road & Lyon Court, Hicksville
  • F-6, Lincoln Street & Meadow Court, Farmingdale
  • J-1, Maytime Drive & Mellow Lane, Jericho
  • B-11, Flamingo Drive & Caffrey Ave., Bethpage
  • B-17 Meade Ave. & 7th St., Bethpage
  • M-15, Burton Lane & Unqua Road, Massapequa
  • M-17, Pittsburgh Ave. & Westwood Road, Massapequa
  • P-30 Oakwood Lane & Sagamore St., Plainview
  • S-20, Split Rock Road & Belvedere Drive, Syosset
  • S-30, Market Drive & Woodbury Road, Syosset
  • S-17, Townsend Drive & Cold Spring Road, Syosset

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